1. What is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

Hospitals United is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)/ Global Healthcare Purchasing Cooperative that relies on the collective/ aggregate buying power of a network of hospitals which aid in negotiating through contracts an attractive price for goods and services from a variety of vendors. GPOs depend on ‘scale’ or the number of entities which are a partaking in the endeavor to obtain contracts for the best possible – “group price”; with the common goal to deliver the best possible treatment to patients. In this Global Healthcare Purchasing Cooperative model we are completely free of charge initially, once we attain a sizeable number of hospitals we will charge a nominal administrative fee to cover our costs. By streamlining the procurement process to make it simpler, easier and efficient for hospitals and manufacturers.

We assist healthcare providers in enhancing financial and operational performance thereby achieving overall efficiency gains. They are widely engaged in negotiating with vendors for healthcare goods and services on behalf of the individuals entities in the US, UK, Canada and Europe.


2. What are the benefits to hospitals and manufacturers?

1. Cost reductions in medical supplies, consumables and equipment typically from 10% to 35% leveraging ‘Economies of Scale’ across the Hospitals United’s member base

2. Free access to all frame agreements and price lists negotiated by Hospitals United

3. Free access to price benchmarking against a selective portfolio of medical supplies and equipment

4. Access to the highest quality and broadest portfolio of supplies, pharmaceuticals, capital equipment and purchased services

5. Utilization of a full suite of business intelligence solutions including, item standardization, item master management, eProcurement and spend analysis (under development)

6. Access to a large international network of hospitals to showcase products, to widen the reach of products and to reach hospitals and networks that were otherwise inaccessible

7. Membership is free to all member hospitals and manufacturers, no barriers to entry into the Hospitals United network based on the size or location of hospitals/ clinics.

3. Hospitals United’s Modus Operandi.

Our journey at Hospitals United is dependent on your participation and involvement, only by active participation we can help you in realizing significant savings in the procurement of hospital supplies. On this path we urge you to join us and also spread the word to other hospitals and clinics to join us. Becoming a member is a very simple process, once completed you’re an active member. We at Hospitals United do not directly purchase or inventory any products. We negotiate on behalf of the participating hospitals to reduce the cost of goods consumed. There are no volume commitments, no binding requirements to purchase through us even if you are a member. The process of your procurement will remain unchanged that is your payment or internal process, only the prices will be significantly reduced.

As the name of our organization – ‘Hospitals United’ suggests that we are working towards becoming a Global Healthcare Purchasing Cooperative that aims to bring down the costs of goods and services for the member hospitals. Support from the individual members in terms of volume commitments and other information regarding hospital size, number of beds, number of out-patient beds etc. is vital for our functioning for which we need your unwavering support.

Learn more: The sign up process is a two stepped procedure, which is completely free of cost:

Step 1: Is a basic step to have you signed up as a member of Hospitals United, which is free and open to all hospital members and manufacturers. Once the verification of the email address is done.

Step 2: You will receive a link to our short survey which asks for a few more details of your organization.

In the future we will be conducting a few pilot e-procurements, which we request you to participate in, for more details of these we request you to look at the Events tab on our website. Only with your participation can we work together to achieve unprecedented procurement savings.

4. More of you, more you have to gain

Intrinsic to the success of Hospitals United’s purchasing model is the ‘power of many’ to negotiate and elicit the best “group price” and to obtain the highest possible concession in prices. Speaking in one united voice, for the common interest of achieving a reduction in prices benefits each individual member of the cooperative. This is a unique model which can only succeed if there is the backing of a plentitude of hospitals, we urge you to spread the word, as everyone can benefit from it. Our aim is to reach 1000+ hospitals in the next 1 year, with significant expansion into the markets of emerging nations in South-East Asia in 2015.