The aim of Hospitals United as a Global Hospitals Cooperative is to help the manufacturers to be linked to 1000+ hospitals on a single platform.

Being the direct link between hospitals/clinics and the manufacturers is the very essence of our initiative. We want to establish ourselves as the clear and transparent platform through which the manufacturers can benefit from unmatched supply savings and also grow from an unprecedented reach and visibility. We at Hospitals United, are looking to collaborate with the manufacturers and hospitals to deliver value to the members we serve on both ends of the spectrum.

  • Provide manufacturers the access to reach out to 1000+ member hospitals in the near future, in India and other developing Asian countries. Hospitals United has a rapidly growing network of Hospitals & Clinics, which range from being well established centers to newly opened; hospitals with 100+ beds to smaller outpatient clinics. Since we operate on a unique model which is free for all health centers to join irrespective of size and volume of medical supplies consumed. Through the Hospitals United network manufacturers will be able to widen their market base and reach consumers in other developing nations like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia among other countries.
  • The advantage of being associated with so many hospitals on our transparent Hospitals United platform will give manufacturers an insight into buying patterns of different hospitals and clinics. This will go a long way in understanding the consumer behavior and eventually improving sales.
  • Hospitals United is a fledgling start up but we have a clear vision for our organization’s roadmap. We are hoping to develop deep and meaningful ties with manufacturers and hospitals & clinics. We envision that not too far in the future we can also ask manufacturers to showcase their products on our platform so that they can reach their target audience in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Manufacturers can be assured of an unprecedented improvement in operational efficiency. The reduction in administrative costs for contracting and dealing with each hospital individually. Hospitals United also offers solutions for contracting and contract management.