A GPO is an entity that helps health care providers (such as hospitals, clinics, ambulatory care facilities, nursing homes and health agencies) realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume. A GPO unites all the participating healthcare institutions, with the sole objective of reducing the cost of medical goods and supplies, by leveraging this scale to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors and other vendors.

The concept of centralized purchasing has been tested across industries and has also been applied to healthcare in the US, Canada and Europe. Over 90% of hospitals in these countries are a part of a GPO or a Healthcare Purchasing Cooperative, helping them realize significant savings on procurement of medical supplies and equipment.

Hospitals United is a social entrepreneurial venture, launched in 2014, with a mission to provide the platform to bring together the collective buying power and requirements for medical consumables, devices, and equipment, and pharmaceuticals and services, of hospitals across geographies.

Our primary objective is to connect all hospitals and clinics on a global basis, in an unprecedented manner and scale. Our global network of members includes private and public hospitals, teaching hospitals, government agencies, physician offices and clinics, surgery centers that add to our purchasing volume and strength. Hospitals United is starting with entry into India, and S.E. Asia and the other BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, and China with the aim of serving over 10,000+ hospitals.

1.Cost reductions in medical supplies, consumables and equipment typically from 10% to 35%, leveraging ‘Economies of Scale’ across the Hospitals United’s member base

2.Free access to all frame agreements and price lists negotiated by Hospitals United

3.Free access to price benchmarking against a selective portfolio of medical supplies and equipment

4.Access to the highest quality and broadest portfolio of supplies, pharmaceuticals, capital equipment and purchased services

5.Utilization of a full suite of business intelligence solutions including, item standardization, item master management, eProcurement and spend analysis (under development)

Becoming a member of Hospitals United is a simple process. Both hospitals and manufacturers are required to ‘Sign Up’ on our website, providing basic contact information about your organization. This is followed by a short survey that all members are encouraged to take, to help us understand your organization better.

Become a member by signing up at http://www.hospitalsunited.org/signup/

There are absolutely no minimum requirements to becoming a member of Hospitals United. All hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, etc. regardless of number of beds, annual spend and geography are invited to join our organization.
As a cooperative, we do not directly purchase or inventory any products. We help negotiate select global frame agreements and price lists, on behalf of our members, that they can utilize when making their own purchases.

There are no alterations required for your existing procurement, payment or other internal processes to participate, and no volume or purchase commitments

Membership is free.

There are currently no membership or transaction fees. Hospitals United only asks that each member encourages other hospitals or clinics to join our network.

Refer a hospital by sending contact details to info@hospitalsunited.org

Hospitals United has a unique low cost, low touch operating model, and is currently focused on delivering value for its members. Today membership is free, however in the future select Hospitals United’s services might be fee based, as the operating model develops over time.

Right now we simply ask you to spread the word and sign up other hospitals or clinics.