Hospitals United is a social entrepreneurial venture, launched in 2014. With the vision to connect all hospitals and clinics on a global basis, in an unprecedented manner and scale; to empower purchasing and supply chain decisions.

Till now many hospitals and clinics haven’t had a voice when dealing with the large global manufacturers, distributors and agents, and our mission is to provide the platform and be the catalyst to support this change. This global healthcare purchasing cooperative platform will empower each individual member of the network with the negotiating voice of many, ultimately providing better quality and value-for-money, and increased availability of medical surgical supplies and instruments, medical devices and other products used by healthcare service providers.

We aim to help hospitals thrive within a new era of health care. As providers seek to improve patient outcomes and reduce rising costs, Hospitals United will revolutionize what they can expect from their health care services. We aim to serve more than 10,000 member hospitals and clinics globally. Our network can count on an indispensable partner focused on a progressive approach to cost performance, data and intelligence, and integrated solutions.